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Shabeena Helsley



Originally from a place known for its deep spirituality, India has given Shabeena a strong foundation for art, music, cuisine and culture.  Having lived in the United States most of her life, she has gained an understanding of these vastly different philosophies and perspectives. Her passion is to provide visually appealing art that is not only esthetically pleasing, but aids in enriching our understanding of ourselves as well as each other.  Through her art she hopes to help cultivate realization and deeper understanding of ourselves and each other, thus focusing on our similarities and connection with each other and honoring each other.

She has always been passionate about art and creativity, especially if it offers some technical challenge. She's interested in European and Asian art history and architecture and has a degree in Geographic Informations Systems from the University of Washington. Since childhood, she has been exploring many forms of art such as pencil drawings, acrylics on canvas, chalk and oil pastels, pen and ink, pottery, ceramics, etc. Her strength lies in her artistic and technical ability combined with the knowledge of sacred geometry, universal and cultural symbology as well as the exciting use of color combinations.

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