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December 19, 2015
These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things...

Aside from raindrops on roses and warm woolen mittens, these are a few of Tsuga's favorite things!

1. Whiskers on Kittens:

We enjoy having some gallery cats hanging around. Kristin Morris makes these and can even make a custom cat to look like your own! We like to see their fuzzy faces in passing while we are working throughout the day.

2. Doorbells and Sleigh Bells:
Celebrating the holiday season is never complete without Santa! One of our favorite things is seeing his smiling face when we come into the gallery. He’s a big hit with the kids (and pets too) and we love every time our doorbell goes off with another visitor. Santa has been visiting our gallery for 18 years, and is definitely one of our favorite things.

3. Silver White Winters:
One of our favorite winter things are all of the great pieces of art that have white winter themes at the gallery. From Charlene Collins Freeman’s effervescent winter watercolors to Anne Water’s large acrylic paintings of winter landscapes and poinsettias, we have a lot of festive winter art to enjoy.

4. Cream Colored Ponies:
Mini works of art are high on the gallery’s list of favorite things. The Miniature Masterpieces Exhibit is one of our very favorite winter traditions at Tsuga, and we all look forward to this time of year and the show. Janie Olson’s, “Duchess,” is just one of many great things hung in the gallery during this exhibit.

5. Brown Paper Packages:
Our favorite things at the gallery though, are our wrapped and completed framing projects. We wrap them up in crisp brown paper once they are completed and ready for customers to pick up. We all have a part in getting framing projects done, from cutting and gluing the frames together, to preparing glass and mats, and we all like wrapping the projects up just as much as you enjoy unwrapping them!

(References to the song, "These are a Few of My Favorite Things," are adapted from the Sound of Music Soundtrack)

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