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November 27, 2015
Give unique and meaningful gifts this holiday season.

With the start of Winter’s holiday season, many of you are embarking on the adventure of finding perfect gifts for the special people in your life. Here at Tsuga Fine Art & Framing, we believe that art makes a wonderful, personalized gift. Here are a few different ways that you can give the gift of art this season:

1. Original Artwork

Unwrapping a gift to reveal an original painting or sculpture creates a breathtaking moment. To give original artwork, it’s always good to have a solid idea of the recipient’s aesthetic taste. You may find artwork that speaks to you while you're out shopping on your own - but how will it appeal to someone else? Where in their home or workplace will it be displayed? If you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to bring your special someone into the gallery and take note of their preferences regarding art. Give us a call or email ahead of time and allow us to help you with the detective work!

2. Prints and Reproductions

While you might find an original artwork that would be the perfect gift, it may stretch the holiday budget you’ve created. When cost becomes an issue, consider investing in prints instead. Fine art reproductions are high quality prints available in small and large sizes, on either paper or canvas, and can become collectibles when properly preserved. Their more affordable price tag also enables you to buy multiple pieces to start a collection for your loved one. Alternately, you can use the money you save for other gifts … or treating yourself to a little something special.

3. Something Handmade

A fun and personal alternative in giving artwork is to create a piece yourself, specially made for a friend or loved one. We have many customers who don’t consider themselves “artistic” but sign up for a class and find that they enjoy tapping into their inner-artist. With proper guidance, anyone can create a special and unique work of art! Finishing it off with custom framing can make your masterpiece look stunning.

4. The Gift of Learning

Inspired by a well-known parable: "Give your friend artwork, they will cherish a beautiful piece of art. Teach them to create art, they'll have art for a lifetime."
Gifts of experience inspire creativity, confidence, and personal expression. Tsuga Fine Art’s studio space plays host to a variety of classes each week where burgeoning artists find guidance in creating their own works of art. Our instructors are experienced and nurturing, offering classes appropriate for beginners as well as for seasoned painters. If your gift recipient is nervous about participating, sign yourself up as well for moral support. You'll both come away with unique art, new skills, and a memorable shared experience.

5. Arrange Your Own Art Walk

What should you do when you desire to show someone how much you appreciate them but they’ve made it clear that they don’t want a “gift”? Sometimes the best gesture for that person is the gift of your time. A fun way to spend time together is to arrange your very own Art Walk. Try visiting a museum, then a gallery. See a collection of revered masters, then stop in at a local gallery to discover what current artists are up to. You can compare and contrast the way in which technique or subject matter has changed - like admiring works at Seattle Art Museum's "Intimate Impressionism", on exhibit now through January 10th, then noting similarities and differences in the work of the many local plein air painters and impressionists who exhibit regularly at Tsuga Fine Art & Framing.

We hope these ideas help you with your gift-giving, and we look forward to seeing you on Main Street in Bothell.

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