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Bruce Barnbaum - Images Through the Decades

Opening reception Saturday, March 26th at 5PM

March 25 - May 2, 2016

For over 46 years, Bruce has worked as a professional photographer. He has pioneered his techniques while exploring the spectacular canyons of Arizona, capturing the natural contrast and intense contours of uncharted canyon depths. His work is often compared to Ansel Adams and maintains the tradition of black and white film and print photography that produces incredible, high-quality photographs. Bruce’s 4x5 inch negatives lend themselves to large scale prints which express the finest details of our natural world.

Tsuga has partnered with Bruce to offer you this rare opportunity to get a close up and personal view of this collection that spans Bruce’s entire career. Come and experience the natural wonders of our planet. Come and be inspired by the resplendency of our world.