Artists Info - Dona Reed - Tsuga Fine Art

Dona Reed



I am inspired by nature, particularly the motion, patterns and shapes of flora and fauna. My compositions are an expression of that inspiration on paper, vessels and mixed media.

To express the essence of natural subjects that interest me, I use simplified graphic shapes, negative space and texture. In each piece, whether it is two or three dimensions, I use strong lines and repetitive patterns to create a sense of movement in the composition.

Creating both two- and three-dimensional work requires different creative processes, but I love the challenge of translating my compositions into both.

As an artist and an art teacher, I have been fortunate to explore and experiment with a wide range of media. I have found that printmaking is the best medium for me to express my designs. More recently, I have continued my artistic journey by experimenting with collage and mixed-media assemblage.

In a world in which we are overloaded by complexity, I like the simplicity of the artistic and creative process. I love to work by hand with traditional tools that have not changed much over the years, but feel free to experiment with new processes and materials.