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Class: Making Art With Alcohol Inks, with Nilia Fajardo


Alcohol ink is a fun medium that is not like any other. Add drops of ink on synthetic paper, move the paper and watch the colors blend with each other to create inspiring effects. Using a brush produces different effects, and combining techniques can yield beautiful results.

There is no possible way to copy an alcohol ink painting (unless you use a printer). Each artist will have a completely unique result! Both abstract and representational techniques will be taught, as well as substrates and different techniques.

“Infinite possibilities” is the preferred description of my work. Why should I be restricted to one subject, style or medium? The thrill of learning and executing a new skill, going further and incorporating that new skill set into another existing one is invaluable. The excitement of the challenge has influenced me to push my limits because I was not satisfied with just painting in oil, or acrylic. Why should I stop there? I undertook the task of mastering watercolor, which is intense, and forced myself to drop all “innocence” and try alcohol inks. In these experiments, mixed media revealed itself to be most exhilarating, bringing to the forefront my goal of pulling in the observer and taking them on a journey across the canvas. The expected outcomes from my audience are joy, wonder, an invitation to visit places where I have ventured. The paintings deliver positive spiritual energy into their spaces as well. –– Artist Nilia Fajardo

Class Dates & Times: Ongoing, class meets 1–4pm on the first & third Saturday of each month.

Supply List: View the course supply list here.

Program Cost: $40 for one class, $140 for four classes.

Registration: Please call (425.483.7385) or email Tsuga for course registration or additional information.

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