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Supply List Cartooning Christopher Griffin

You Can Cartoon!


Supply List:

  • Sketch paper or drawing paper of choice, no bigger than 14x17" or so. Use marker-friendly paper to avoid bleed-through. Avoid really tiny pads or sketchbooks, however. The tiny paper will only frustrate you during the perspective class.
  • Any pencils*, pens and/or markers. The goal of this class is to develop wrist skill and practice habits and is less about possessing the “correct gear”. Attendees are encouraged to use whatever they enjoy, including digital tablet and stylus if preferred!
That said, we spend some time at the end of session one to look at some good pens and other tools currently available at the art supply stores.

The sessions include brief introductory discussion topics, one or two exercises, depending on complexity, quick review session and wrap with suggested sketchbook tips for in the field.

*Harder pencil leads are easier to erase than softer ones. A plain old yellow school pencil with a pink eraser on the end of it is frequently marked “#2”. The hardness of the lead in those is what is known as “HB”. One of those should do fine. If you visit an art supply store and are shopping the various pencils, get the ones marked “H” (for example: 2H, 4H and so on) and avoid the “B” pencils. “B” are soft and, as a result, darker and therefore require much more effort to erase. Pens and markers can be whatever you have sitting around but the last fifteen minutes of the first session will be a Show-and-Tell of popular cartooning pens and related tools to inspire you.

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You Can Cartoon! - Supply List Cartooning Christopher Griffin