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Artists' Markers: Drawing & Design Supply List


Tsuga Class Supply List: Alcohol Markers – Drawing & Design
Teacher: Michelle ‘Saffrel’ Kochon, from Grateful Heartist

Materials Needed: Alcohol Markers

Recommended Brands:

  • Copic: Quality ink, with super brush tip, refillable/replaceable parts, good life span. The majority of class will focus on the Super Brush Tip style. Types with Super Brush tip: Sketch and Chiao. Color Selection: 358 sketch, 180 chiao. Price range per pen: $3.90-$7.99
  • Blick Studio Marker: Quality ink, with a super brush tip, good life span. Color Selection: 96. Price range per pen: $2.99 – $4.99
  • Spectrum Noir: Good hobby/entry level pen, with super brush tip. Only purchasable in premade sets.
  • Shinhan Touch: Refillable/replaceable ink, with super brush tip. Type with super brush tip: Touch Twin Brush Marker only (white barrel). Color Selection: 204. Price Range per pen $4.49-$7.49
Recommended Sets: *
  • 12 set: Copic Sketch 12-Color Set Ex-2
  • 6 set: Copic Sketch 6-Color Set, Pale Pastel
  • 3 set: Copic Sketch 3-Color Set, Fusion 5
* As I use Copic Sketch, I can most easily recommend sets they have, as I am most familiar with them. If you prefer a different brand, simply check the colors in the recommended sets and find similar colors in the brand of your choice. See "Choosing Your Own Color Collections" below.

Copic colors can be viewed at:

Choosing Your Own Color Collections:
With so many options and so many colors, you can make your own palette. My only recommendation is the # of colors, and the hues of colors.

  • 12 pens are great for those that are starting collections and playing with alcohol markers on a regular basis.
  • 6 pens are great for a start, a good entry into what these pens can accomplish together. 3 pens is the minimum to learn the blending techniques in class. Must have one light color, one medium /jewel-tone color, and one dark, preferably all in the same color family, for example: blue or purple.
Colors: As mentioned above, a minimum of
  • 1 light color (ex: G40)
  • 1 medium/jewel color (ex: G94)
  • 1 dark color (ex: G99)
I recommend picking colors that are your favorite colors or based on your favorite things to draw/color. For example my favorite color is green, and I enjoy drawing nature-inspired art, so I started with a set of colors that had green, yellow, browns (earth tones), and a few blues. Just make sure there are light/medium/dark variety in your selection.

Red is a little harder to use than the rest of the families, so I caution against it.

Purchasing Resources:

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