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Lezlie Jane

Featured Piece
Lezlie  Jane Blue Dot

Blue Dot
$ 1,200.00

Lezlie  Jane Blue Dot
Blue Dot
Lezlie  Jane Octopus Handshake
Octopus Handshake
Lezlie  Jane Party Ready
Party Ready
$ 960
Lezlie  Jane Three Worlds
Three Worlds

Lezlie  Jane

Lezlie Jane

Lezlie Jane Description

Lezlie Jane paints for the experience of adventure and the practice of intuition. It is her happiest and freest artistic medium.

To see more artwork by Lezlie Jane, please visit her web site:

Lezlie Jane Resumé



  • Brace Point Pottery & Gallery, 2017 Seattle WA
  • Perry and Carlson Gallery, 2017 Mt Vernon WA
  • Confluence Gallery, 2016 Twisp WA
  • White River Valley Museum, 2016 Auburn, WA
  • Alki Arts,  2014–2016 Seattle, WA
  • Gage Gallery, 2009 Portraits – awarded Best in Show
  • Seattle Art Museum Gallery, 2008 Seattle WA
  • Columbia City Gallery, 2006, 2007 Seattle, WA
  • Facere' Jewelry Art, 2005, 2003 Seattle, Washington
  • Unclad 2005, Gallery at Utsalady Bay, Washington
  • Vizual Art Galeria, 1994, Budapest, Hungary
  • Charlotte Daneel Gallery, 1993, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Liberty Gallery, 1990, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Columbia Arts, 1990, Vancouver, Washington
  • Seattle Central Community College Art Gallery; International Art Exchanges, 1990, 1992, 1993
  • Facere' Art, 1987–1993, National Jewelry Competition, Seattle, Washington
  • Significant Form Gallery, 1987, Washington Women Artists Exhibition, Seattle, Washington
  • Center on Contemporary Art, 1989, Northwest Annual,  Seattle, Washington
  • Thrasher Orth Associates, 1982-1989, Seattle, Washington
  • Tacoma Art Museum, 1988,  Northwest Crafts, Tacoma, Washington
  • The Sarah Squeri Gallery, 1987, The Enamelist Society  Exhibition, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Bellevue Arts and Crafts Festival, 1979, 1980, 1986, Annual Juried Shows, Bellevue, WA.
  • American Art Company, 1984, Tacoma, Washington
  • Rare Discovery, 1984–1986, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Merritt Gallery, 1985, National Jewelry Competition, Rochester, New York
  • Kruger Gallery, 1983–1984, New York, New York
  • Contemporary Crafts Gallery, 1980–1982, Portland, Oregon
  • Contemporary Artisan, 1981, San Francisco, California
  • The Renwick Gallery, 1981, The Renwick Bestiary, Washington, DC



  • West Seattle Historical Bronzes, Junction 47
  • Architectural Cast Glass, Junction 47
  • The Brig, The Bear & The Waves, Spruce Building
  • Luna Girls on Alki, Alki Beach Park
  • The Baqua and Spinning Waters, Dakota Place Park
  • Swimming Stars at Whale Tail Playground 
  • Water Habitat Dish, Luna Park
  • Rising Water, Private Residence
  • Herons Bluff, Private Residence
  • Recognition Arch, Aids Housing of Washington
  • Rolling Waves, Private Residence
  • Avenue of Stars, City of Seattle
  • Cormorant Cove Handrail and Look-out, City of Seattle
  • Mock Tidepool, King County Washington
  • Inter-tidal Interpretive Wall, City of Seattle
  • And Now They Must Put Back the Sky, private residence
  • WeatherWatch Park, City of Seattle
  • Thistle Street Benches, Chief Sealth High School
  • Cresting Orcas and a Heron, private residence
  • Ledi's Monument, private residence
  • Emotional Survival, SW Youth and Family Service


  • Woman’s Place, by Mildred Tanner Andrews
  • Northwest Originals: Washington Women and Their Art, by Martri Media, Inc.
  • Art in Seattle’s Public Places, by James M. Rupp
  • Nature in the City, Seattle, by Maria Dolan and Kathryn True
  • Environmental Projects, by City of Seattle, Department of Neighborhoods
  • Neighborhood Power, by Jim Diers
  • West Seattle 101, by Lori Hinton
  • Art Jewelry Today, by Dona Z. Meilach
  • 1000 Rings, by Lark Books
  • 500 Wedding Rings, by Lark Books


  • Art2Life Academy, 2016
  • Gage Academy of Art, Sculpture 2000–2007
  • Pillchuck Glass School 2002, Kiln Cast Glass
  • The Figure, Seravessa, Italy, 1997
  • Project Management, University of Washington Certificate Program, 1997
  • Staining and Textures in Concrete, M. Concrete, Redmond, Washington, 1996
  • Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, Washington 1985–1998
  • Iron Casting, University of Washington, Seattle, 1988
  • Gemological Institute of America, Los Angeles, California Graduate Gemologist, 1987
  • Colorado Mountain College, Vail, Colorado
  • Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, Portland, Oregon
  • Bachelor of Arts College of Ethnic Studies, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington                                   
  • Pilot program, Antioch University: Art in the Community


  • Allied Arts of Seattle, Vice President, Board of Directors, 2000–2002
  • Cormorant Cove Park, a community project, Project Lead/Artist, 1995–2001
  • Constellation Park and Marine Reserve, a community project, Project Artist/Lead, 1992–2000
  • Remann Hall, art workshops for incarcerated youth 1998
  • South West Youth and Family Services, Artist, 1996
  • Artists' Equity Association Chair, Seattle/Budapest Artist to Artist Exchange, 1993
  • Co-chair, Salon Series, 1992
  • Co-chair, Vision 20-20, Seattle/Netherlands Exchange, 1992
  • Board of Directors, Washington State Chapter, 1989–1993
  • Chair, Seattle to Barcelona Artist to Artist Exchange, 1990
  • West Seattle Weather Watch, a community project, Project Artist/Lead, 1987–1991
  • Sunny Arms Artists' Cooperative, Founding Member, Developer, Board of Directors, Officer 1989–2011
  • Friends of the Rag, performance wearable art, Designer/Member 1975–1980

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