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Mari Shibuya

Featured Piece
Mari  Shibuya An Exploration of Magnetic Fields

An Exploration of Magnetic Fields
$ 600.00

Mari  Shibuya Circling the Square
Circling the Square
$ 900
Mari  Shibuya Harmonic Containment
Harmonic Containment
$ 450
Mari  Shibuya The Fourth Dimension
The Fourth Dimension
$ 900
Mari  Shibuya The Seed of Intuition
The Seed of Intuition
$ 400
Mari  Shibuya The Tacit Dimension
The Tacit Dimension
$ 900
Mari  Shibuya Vortex Dynamics
Vortex Dynamics
$ 600

Mari  Shibuya

Mari Shibuya

Mari Shibuya Description

Mari Shibuya is a figurative painter combining realism with abstraction and geometry. A graduate of the Evergreen State College with a Bachelor's degree in psychology and philosophy, she is a student in the Kang-O'Higgins Atelier at Gage Academy of Art. Shibuya is based out of Seattle.

"I am motivated by the desire to explore the imaginal world – the world that imprints physical matter and the intrinsic patterns that exist within all levels of Life.

I feel that the power of art lies in the intention that is laced into the work throughout the whole creative process. Mosts recently I have been working on a series of portraits on wood with charcoal and white chalk. The portraits explore geometries of the natural world and the relationships these patterns have to the fields (gravitational, magnetic, energetic) that influence human experience.

The intersection of mind and matter is what fascinates me. I am working on exploring different ways of representing how I personally translate reality."

– Mari Shibuya

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